Unique Potholders

Pot holder models 002

I spoke too soon about spring….it is in the low 40’s today and suppose to be in the 30’s tonight.  Ahhhh! more time to knit on my socks! ha  I just finished the models and instructions for the potholders and will have them available to you when I get back from Paducah and the Quilt Show.  Would you like to see the first two?

Pot holder models 001This shows the old one Carol had and the new, blue and white one i redid.  the little dress was always a favorite of mine.

This is in the needs work stage but gives you an idea.  We would love to see pics of old potholders you might have and hear their story.

The green and white ones are the next set i will start writing instructions for.  Man, writing crochet instructions makes my eyes water and my head spin.  By the time I am ready to release the pattern I have made no less than 4 potholders.  Guess I will have some Christmas presents.

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