More Crocheted Potholders

Pot holder models 007 What do you think about these?  They were a lot of fun to work on.  It brought back memories of times with my Granmother (Ida Aultman) when we lived in Mississippi.  My Grandparents were share-croppers in the delta region of the south and I loved spending time at their home.  My Grandmother cooked on a wood stove and made the best biscuits a child could dream of.  I remember her using potholders although i can’t recall what they looked like.  Using the castiron skillets one had to have some protection from the hot handle.  Most of her day was spent in the kitchen and no matter that they were considered poor she had her pretty potholders that brightened her work day.  Women across time have found ways to make their world pretty and  make them feel good about themselves.  We call them crafts, they called it necessity.  If they needed something they made it.  We rush out and buy it.  I will tell you about her carding cotton and churning butter some other time…my childhood was rich with traditon in the needlearts and homemaking.  Am I blessed to have the job I have or

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