Springtime in the Northwest


I am starting to see signs of spring here in the Northwest.  The tulips are up and starting to form flower buds.  The flowering trees and shrubs are budding out and each week brings more sunshine and warmth.  Not far from my home is the Skagit Valley where tulip and daffodil bulbs are grown.  The quantity and quality of the growers bulb production is second only to that of Holland.  In April they valley growers hold the annual Tulip Festival and thousands of acres are in bloom with all sizes and shapes and colors of tulips.  It is a most amazing sight to crest the hill that leads down into the valley and see all that color.  It looks like a patchwork quilt…..to the west side of the valley is the ocean and to the east the Cascade mountains, to the north is Mr Baker and to the south, Mt. Rainier.  It is a beautiful setting for those fortunate enough to be able to visit.  In the small town of LaConner there are art shops, quilt shops, yarn shops and wonderful restaurants for those that come.  It never fails to set my creative juices flowing and I return home ready to get busy and finish some of winters projects and start some new ones.  Of course i never have trouble starting a new project even if there are several “in progress” items laying about.  I have been told it is the curse of the creative person….i wouldn’t mind having that gene that makes you start something and finish it before starting another – well, for a few months at least!  Maybe in my next life.

Clover’s new Sweetheart Rose Maker and Bow Maker are the perfect items for spring time creativity. Weddings are being planned and these items are a must have for making roses and bows to decorate. Be sure to check them out.


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