Sew Expo @ Puyallup ’09

The SEWING and STITCHERY EXPO was held in Puyallup, Washington Feb 26-Mar 1.  For those of you that aren’t familiar with this event it is a 4 day happening that includes classes, booth selling the newest and most creative products for garment construction, quilting and stitchery needs.  I was able to walk the show this year as it is practically in my back yard.  It is always exciting to see what is available to the consumer…it’s like a day of shopping made in heaven.  As always I had my trusty camera…well….my husbands because i dropped and broke mine (a story for another time!) and will share a few of the pictures showing the excitement and fun booths.

Karen Shifton is a Cloth Doll Designer and her fairy type dolls touch the magic in each of us.  Unfortunately my up close picture didn’t turn out but you can check her designs out at her website: I wanted to make each pattern she had but my daughter reminded me i have patterns approaching the “antique” stage that have never been made.  Oh well!



Fish Purse


Shar Jorgenson was there from Quilting From the Heartland.


The American Sewing Guild had a booth. If you aren't familiar with this group check them out on their web site: They have a terrific support system for the needle art enthusiasts.

Philosophers wool

If you are a knitter you have come across the beautiful books and patterns from Philosophers Wool Co at some time or another.  They were at the Expo with their beautiful wool sweater kits.  The family farm supports sustainable agriculture and produces wool yarn as natural and organic as possible. They have a wonderful DVD that makes Fair Isle knitting easy and fun.


I loved the head gear the adorable demonstrator at the Pailsey Pincushion booth was wearing and NO they do not sell them.  I think we have all had moments this creative headgear so creatively expresses!


I have to say the stunning yoyo quilt in the booth of Yesterdays Charm  took my breath away.  First of all the designer took a class on how to make yoyo’s taught by myself and Carol Porter (another Clover Girl) and she used our YO-YO Template to make all those yoyo’s.  What a wonderful representation of the age old technique used by our grandmothers and great grandmothers to use up their scraps of fabric and make “summer” quilts.


The dates for next years 4 days of fun are February 25,26,27,28 – 2010.  Check their website at: Maybe I’ll see you there!


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