Hello and Welcome!

Fran_mexico-rev Hi everyone, I’m Fran Ortmeyer, Communications Director for Clover Needlecraft.
I’m pretty sure that title was given because I gab a lot and not for
My organizational skills but whatever the reason, I’m loving it because it allows me to share with you-all what’s new, what’s old but should be new, what’s happening out there in the world of needle arts, success stories and sad but humorous tales of projects gone wrong…along with pictures of course! and all about the “happenings” here at Cloverland.  You, as the consumer, are the pulse of our market and I want to hear your stories and the tips you have and find answers to those questions you might have about our products.  We, at Clover, want to get to know you and you can bet we will share our sparkling personalities over time with you.

I will be sharing information about…

  • Tips and Tidbits
  • Fran’s Fave Pick (Love that!)
  • Fran’s Q and A
  • Clover Events and Everything about Clover

Community Outreach
We would like to hear about you and share your projects and favorite needlework/yarn/fabric/fabric shops.

Till next time,

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