On the Road…..To Bead True Blue


The Clover crew is headed to Tucszon, AZ next week for the To Bead True Blue bead show.  If you plan on attending the show please visit us at booth #231-232.

Clover’s Bead Loom, French Knitter, & Tatting Shuttles  are just a few of our products we’ll be demonstrating at the show. Workshops for these products will be held on Feb. 5, 6, & 8th.

Bead Weaving on a Loom


  • Skill Level: All
  • Date/Time:  February 5 from 10am -  1pm
  • Fees: $80
  • Class Instructor: Carol Porter
  • This is a great class that introduces you to the art of bead weaving on a loom.  Clover has developed a beautifully engineered loom. You will learn the capacity of the loom, see examples of finished pieces and have hands on time creating a beautiful brooch.
  • For information on this class and to sign up click here.

Making a Bracelet with the French Knitter


  • Skill Level: All
  • Dates/Times: February 6 from 9am – 12pm
  • Fees: $80
  • Class Instructor: Carol Porter
  • This class is a great opportunity to learn the basic techniques using a French Knitter and valuable finishing information. Create a beautiful bracelet and open your world to knitted jewelry.  We will take you through the process from beginning to end.
  • For more information on this class and to sign up click here.

Tatting with Beads


  • Skill Levels: All
  • Dates/Times: February 8, from 1:30pm – 4:30pm
  • Fees: $80
  • Class Instructor: Fran Ortmeyer
  • This class teaches the basics of the tatting stitch and complete instruction on the use of beads in your design.
  • For more information on this class and to sign up click here.

We hope to see you in Tucson!

For more inspiration on all our beading products and more visit our Pinterest page:



Make “French”-ship Bracelets with the French Knitter


ethan kaylin

One of the hottest trends this season can be made using Clover’s French Knitter!

Give the gift of creativity with this fun and easy to use tool. Easy set up, easy to hold and easy to control. Make bracelets, key chains, and more. Keep reading for instructions on the fishtail style bracelet. This is a great project for kids, you can also add beads for a more personalized look!


Supplies Needed:

  • French Knitter (Art No. 3100)
  • 1.5mm Rubber Bands (Found at your local craft store)
  • “S” Clips (Found at your local craft store)
  • Optional: Beads


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Start with using a 4-peg head attachment

Step 1: Twist one rubber band and place on two pegs.


Step 2: Add two additional rubber bands on the same two pegs. (No Twist)


Step 3: Use your hook to take the bottom rubber
band and move it up and over the peg, do this on each peg.


Step 4: Continue to add one rubber band at a time, taking the bottom rubber band and moving it up and over each peg until you reach your desired length


**To add beads**  Place a bead with a large enough opening for the rubber band to fit through. Once the bead is on the rubber band, place the rubber band on the two pegs.


Step 5: Once you are ready to finish off your project, there will be two rubber bands on the pegs. Take the bottom band and move it up and over the two pegs. Use the hook to grab the rubber band that is on both pegs, leaving you with two loops on the hook. Grab one “S” clip and place both loops on one side of the clip. On the opposite end of your bracelet, use the hook to grab two loops and place them on the other side of the “S” clip.


Friday Finds – Hexafish Rubberband Bracelet




Here’s an item we haven’t talked about in a while, Clover’s French Knitter. Denise Juhasz’s demonstrates how you can create fun and creative jewelry with multi-colored rubber bands. One of the hottest gifts this year and you can now create it with our French Knitter. It’s a great use and fun projects for children. 

Friday Finds – Knitted I-Cords

Added BeadsOne of the simplest ways to teach knitting is to start with a knitted tube of yarn or i-cord. The i-cord was originally created by the late Elizabeth Zimmerman, knitting pioneer, who called it the idiot cord because anyone can knit one or i-cord for short. It really is quite an ingenious and very versatile piece of knitting. You’ll see i-cords used as ties and finished edges on knit garments; as belts and bag handles; with beads knit in as jewelry; and as decorative elements on home dec projects.  You can create an i-cord with knitting needles, a French Knitter, or a Wonder Knitter.  Here are a few links with i-cord creative inspiration for you:

Watch Us Wednesday – Wonder Knitter Video

Today we have a video demonstration of our Wonder Knitter to share with you. The video is a few years old, but it definitely hits all the high notes of how the tool works.  The main difference between the Wonder Knitter and French Knitter is that the head of the Wonder Knitter turns and the knitter is a bit larger in size, so it’s easier for those just learning to knit.

Friday Finds – Beaded Jewelry

Carol Porter bookWe hope you’ve enjoyed the posts this week featuring our French Knitter.  Many of you have shared with us how you first learned french knitting using a spool with finishing nails, and you can still make i-cords this way.  Our French Knitter has taken that craft to a new level by incorporating three interchangeable heads allowing you to incorporate different sized beads into your designs. It’s so easy and fun to create custom jewelry pieces this way. Here’s a few finds to further inspire your beaded jewelry making.