Embroidered Cell Phone Case


Embroidered Cell Phone Case with Felt

It’s Summer! Isn’t it great?

The only thing that’s not so great is that dreaded phrase all parents fear….

Mooom  (or Daaad) I’m BORED!!!

Keep the kids from getting bored this summer by keeping their creative juices flowing and those little hands busy with some fun and easy crafty projects.

Create a  cell phone/iPod case using felt sheets and embroidery stitches for embellishment. Help your children make it their own by adding initials, buttons, and other designs. Parental guidance is needed because of the use of needles for this project.



  • Cut two pieces of felt 3.5″ x 11.5″
  • Layer the two panels of felt together.
  • Use the Air Erasable Marker to mark off stitch points before sewing.
  • photo 1
  • Fold bottom half up approx. 4.5″. Use embroidery needles and floss to create a blanket stitch along the edges.
  • Embellish with buttons, embroider initials, personalize it any way!

photo 2



Weaving Sticks Luggage Tag for Kids

weaving sticks luggage tag

Summer is always the perfect time for a family vacation, so here is another fun and easy project for you and the kids to get ready for your trip!

We all know that children want some sense of independence, so why not allow them to make their very own luggage tag for their very own piece of luggage? Not only is this project easy, but its also safe for all ages.

Clover’s Weaving Sticks are available in two sizes: Thick and Fine. Each package includes six weaving sticks and one tapestry needle.

WEB_PKG_thick_weaving_stickscontent_thick_weaving_sticks (2)

WEB_PKG_fine_weaving_stickscontent_fine_weaving_sticks (2)



  • 5 Weaving Sticks
  • Yarn
  • 1 Button
  • Needle & Thread

For this project I used 5 Clover Weaving Sticks and weaved an 11 inch panel. I tied knots on both ends to prevent the yarn from slipping off. To make a pocket, I folded the panel in half and sewed the sides together. For the handle, I used 2 Weaving Sticks and weaved about 9 inches. I sewed one end to the top inside of the pouch. I then sewed my button onto the front. In able to secure the tag onto a piece of luggage, you only have to separate the yarn enough to slip the end of the strap over the button.


Don’t forget! You can also fill out your information and slip it into the pouch in case your luggage gets misplaced OR to simply hold something small, like an iPod!





“Mom I’m Bored!” Summer Sewing Projects with Kids

“Mom I’m Bored!” I’m sure all of us that are parents, grandparents, or care takers have heard this from our kids. Summer time is here and the children are ready for some fun.
I have the perfect projects for you to try out with your kids.

I got the “Save-My-T-Shirt Pillow” from the book “Sewing School 21 Sewing Projects Kids Will Love to Make” by Amie Petronis Plumeley & Andria Lisle you can check out Amie Petronis Plumely and Andria Lisle’s blog at Sewing School for some fun ideas for kids! 

I picked up the book from the library with my two year old daughter and 12 year-old niece. Which, I must say, visit your local library to sign-up for the Summer Reading Program, theres always fun free programs to sign-up for the family.

Clover has so many convenient tools for you to use, I love it!

For this project I had my two year old stuff the pillow and pick out from a box of old t-shirts that didn’t fit her anymore. My 12-year old niece cut the square pieces of the shirts with Clover’s rotary cutter, which is a lot easier to use than scissors. **Adult supervision is always required she also used a sewing machine for the first time, this is a great project to show young ones how to sew. In the book they teach children to hand sew using a whipstitch***


The tools I needed for the T-shirt pillow are as follows:

1. Clovers rotary cutter Art No. 7500 45mm

–NOTE ***Again, Adult supervision needed, and if your child is still not adapted to cutting with sharp objects, than this part needs to be done by an adult.*** The book says to use scissors and if you are more comfortable with scissors for your kids, then please do, only you know your young ones best. 

rotary cutter

2. Clover’s Cutting Mat 12×18 Art No. 7520 (any size cutting board will do, Clover offers sizes 24″x36 and 18″x24″

cutting board


3. Clover’s triangle Tailor’s chalk Art No. 432 Red,Blue, White, or Yellow (any color will do, whatever shows best on your t-shirt) What is great about this tool is that it fits nicely in little hands, it’s large enough so that it doesn’t slip out of hands and feels very much like a crayon does, plus no matter what point you use its ready to draw! Plus an upside for everyone is that its ergonomic on the hands, you don’t need a lot of pressure to apply a mark and the triangle shape is comfy in your palm. My two year old eventually used it to draw on fabric (this kept her busy, while the older child worked on cutting fabric) 

4. Mini Patchwork Ruler 6″ or any size you would like. This makes drawing those lines nice and straight and to keep your rotary cutter straight.


5.  Wonder clips Art No. 3156 These are much better to use than pins for kids, because it means no more poked fingers and tears. I would defiantly invest in some of these for young ones learning to sew, even for us grown-ups, because who enjoys getting poked anyway



6. Sewing needles (if you are planning on having your young ones sew by hand) I used the sewing machine ***Adult supervision needed*** I would suggest Clover’s Sashico Needles Art No. 2007

7. Thread (any color you prefer)

8. Stuffing ( I used the insides of an old pillow) some peeps even use shredded fabric scraps or yarn scraps. 


1. cut your t-shirts into any size square you like and sew together front and back 

(if the shirts are small, then you can create interesting pieced together designs)

2. next you stuff your pillow

3. Then sew up the side with a sewing machine or by hand using a whip stitch.


The project itself took 15min, but overall prep time is 30min, plus if you are in teaching mode with an older child who is using a sewing machine for the first time, it can take longer, it is a fun learning session and will keep your kids busy. Plus now they have a cozy pillow to lie on while they read or play!


There are also other fun ideas-like using the scraps to make clothes for their dolls and stuff animals, like the bear below:



You can also use the scraps of T-shirts to make a head band 



Happy sewing everyone! 







Patriotic Bow Maker Wands

DSC01620 DSC01623

Patriotic Bow Maker Wands

Independence Day is quickly approaching. Help the little ones resist the temptation to get close to anything that snap, crackles, or pops by creating a safe alternative. Patriotic Bow Maker wands are a fun and easy craft for any age.


Clover’s Bow Makers are available in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. Each package includes three reusable templates.

8450 8451 8452The templates allow you to create three different types of bows: Triangle, 5-point star, and 7-point star.




Instructions for making Bow Maker Wands:


  • Large 7-point star Bow Maker
  • Medium 5-point star Bow Maker
  • 1 ¼ yard ribbon in ¾”-1” width
  • 1 yard ½” coordinating ribbon
  • Button of choice
  • 14” of 5/16” wooden dowel
  • Assorted coordinating paints and a brush
  • Needle and thread
  • Hot glue gun


Cut your wooden dowel at approximately 14”.  Paint the dowel in coordinating colors to your ribbon using masking tape for the stripes.  Make two sets of bows using the large 7-point Bow Maker with your ¾”-1” ribbon.  Next, make two sets of 5-point stars with your medium Bow Maker using 1/” 2 coordinating ribbon.  Attach the large bow with the smaller bow on top using the button of your choice.  You should now have two identical sets of bows.  Using a hot glue gun, glue the backs sides of the large bows together with the wooden dowel in between to create a beautiful wand!

Kanzashi Shopper’s Bag


Create stylish embellishments with Clover’s Kanzashi Flower Makers. Although “Kanzashi” means “hair ornament” in Japanese, we’ve found that they can be used for so much more than that. Clover’s Kanzashi Flower Makers are reusable templates available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Daisy, Orchid, Round Petal, Pointed Petal, and Gathered Petal templates allow you create quick and easy designs. Designer Diane Gilleland shows us how to spruce up a shopping tote, create a flower brooch, and flower clip.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 2.57.57 PMScreen Shot 2014-06-30 at 2.57.49 PM

picture-628430Diane Gilleland is a designer, teacher, and writer living in Portland, Oregon. She’s the author of Kanzashi in Bloom and co-author of Quilting Happiness. Her work has been featured in numerous magazines, books, and websites. Catch Diane this fall with CreateLive as she shows us the technique of t-shirt quilting. This FREE live class is available Aug 21-22, 2014 from 9am-4pm.

Sign up for this course here: T-Shirt Quilting: Warm Up Your Life Story with Diane Gilleland 










Paper Crafting with Flower Frill Templates

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s Summer and it’s time to celebrate the season by crafting some fiesta frills! Clover’s Flower Frill Templates allow you to create easy flip and fold flowers. There’s no doubt you’ll find something to accessorize with the range of sizes available. Flower Frill Templates are available in Extra Small & Mini, Small & Medium, and Large & Extra Large. One of the things we enjoy most at Clover, is finding that a tool works great with not only fabric but with different materials as well. You’ll find that using tissue paper, wrapping paper, and “upcycled” newspaper and magazines will result in stunning décor and accessories.