Sweetheart Rose Maker Bouquet


Spring is near and we’re getting ready for the season by making a Sweetheart Rose Maker Bouquet.



Place your piece of fabric between the two template pieces. To secure the fabric, use a pin on each end through the marked holes.


Use a needle and thread to sew a gathering stitch along the seam. The template has a marking- START! to let you know where to begin. At the first corner, you will begin to fold the template as you continue to sew. We found that using a Wonder Clip helps with keeping the template in place.


Stop sewing once you reach the mark- STOP!


Remove the top part of the template, the inner part will be inside your fabric. There are two options when removing the template. You can pull out the template or you can turn your fabric inside out as you pull out the template. Turning your fabric inside out allows you to hide your seams. The flowers in this post did not have hidden seams as they were used to help create the stems for the floral arrangement.


Now that the template is out, there is one last seam that needs to be sewn.


Pull thread to gather fabric.


A hair pin is included in the Sweetheart Rose Maker package. Place the pin on one end and wind up the fabric to create the rose shape. Once complete, use needle and thread to stitch the bottom which will secure the rose shape.


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Felting with Beads & a giveaway!

image (7)

Follow along with us all month long as we share projects, tutorials, and inspiration with Clover’s crafting tools. In celebration of National Craft Month we also have giveaways planned all month long! We want to see how you are celebrating National Craft Month and let us know what crafting tools you would like featured this month. Feedback is always appreciated!

We’ve seen felt beads but have you ever tried felting WITH beads?

Felting with Beads 1image

Clover’s Pen Style Needle Felting Tool, Felting Claw, and Felting Needle Mat to create a heart shaped embellishment on a sheet of felt.

We used beads and yarn to add that extra embellishment to our heart.

image (3)image (6)

Last, we used a wet felted handbag to add our heart shaped embellishment.

image (7)

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  • 1 Natural Wool Roving Assortment
  • 1 Felting Needle Refill


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March is National Craft Month


We’re kicking off National Craft Month by showcasing many of the crafting tools Clover has to offer. Follow us all month long as we demonstrate and inspire with all things crafty. We want to see what crafty things you will be working on this month.

All week long we’ll be discussing the Needle Felting Tools Clover offers. Be sure to share your felting projects using Clover tools.

Needle Felting Tools

Needle Felting Tool: Our Needle Felting Tool 5 barbed needles. Protective cover with locking ability.The tool has a spring type action which allows the fibers to mesh with the base fabric. The tools we have for felting are some of the safest found on the market, safer than using the needle itself. This is perfect for working on larger projects, cover more surface area faster

Pen Style Needle Felting Tool: Perfect for smaller delicate projects.The Pen Style Needle Felting Tool allows application of small or delicate materials using one, two, or three needles. The tool can be adjusted to two length of needle sizes that can be used with the Needle Felting Molds (sold separately) for creating 3-dimensional design and applique. The handle offers ease of use because of the “Pen Style” grip action. Easy replacement of thick and thin needles. Gauge 40.

Single Needle Felting Tool (Speed Needle): Easy-to-hold design allows for detailed work with “pinpoint” accuracy. Great tool for 3-D design work.



Kantan Couture Beading Embroidery

Bead Embroidery from Clover

Kantan Couture

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Along with our embroidery stitching tools, Clover carries “Kantan Couture” bead embroidery tools. Which is an old art of embroidery, using a fine hook on a fine cloth stretched in a frame known as “Tambour”. Watch a quick demonstration on how this tool creates beautiful motifs using sequins and beads. A more detailed instructional video is also available on Clover’s YouTube page.

Have you started working on any embroidery projects yet? Share your projects using #cloverfan

Embroidery Essentials Giveaway


Embroidery is a relaxing and fairly easy and inexpensive craft to do. You use needle and thread to add decorative stitches to your fabric or textile of choice. We love the fun and creative patterns from our friends at Sublime Stitching. Not only are these unique patterns available for purchase but you will also find detailed hand embroidery tutorials from Jenny Hart. The Sublime Stitching team offers many great resources such as tricks, techniques, and great tutorials. under_the_seaThe “Under the Sea” pattern is on it’s way to being a completed work of wall art. sublime_stitchingNext project, “Craft-opia” pattern! If you’re worried you won’t get the hang of hand embroidery, you’ll find that at Sublime Stitching the encouragement is positive and genuine.

Ready to get started with hand embroidery? Clover carries a full line of Embroidery Tools. We hope that you’ll be inspired to take up the craft of hand embroidery and to help get you on your way is an Embroidery Essentials Giveaway!

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  • 7″ Clover Embroidery Hoop
  • 4″ Clover Embroidery Hoop
  • Clover Ultimate Scissors
  • Tracing Paper “Clover Chacopy”
  • Gold Eye Embroidery Needles
  • Embroidery Threader
  • Iron-On Transfer Pen in Red & Blue
  • Tracer Pen


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Fuse ‘n Gather a Ruffled Apron


Valentine’s day is just a day away but there’s still time to make a one of a kind gift for that special someone in your life. Create this easy and fun to make ruffled apron using Clover’s Fuse ‘n Gather “Fusible Gathering Tape“. Once you have the fabric of your choice, use the Fuse ‘n Gather to press, pull, and stitch to create your ruffles.

For instructions on making a ruffled apron click here –> CT0098_rev inside

Watch as Fran demonstrates each step for this product.